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Getting new Cintiq; Commissions will open soon.

Posted by Kitsyfluff - February 12th, 2015

Ew it's been a long time since I made a post.

Anyway I've just got confirmation that my new Cintiq 21UX will arrive on March 5th. I can finally replace my crappy monoprice pen display! meanwhile I'm doing my best to draw a lot more, I'm so on and off when i really shouldn't be, so I'm taking the sketch from that last artwork and gonna make a proper display of my current skill level and something to show when I open up Commissions ( I haven't decided on what I'll charge yet)

Currently I'm attending online college for a random IT degree and studying animation on my own still, I think I can say I can seriously animate now, and not a dynamic slideshow with sounds. I'm working on a sheep collab entry as my first finished animation, it's coming along great, I've got one more Extreme to draw and then my inbetweens at the moment. You can watch the demo I uploaded the other day which was before most of the frames were done. I'm gonna upload a more recent verision a little later after I finish my homework for today and link it here

Though i don't know when the collab ends, I hope I'll finish in time nw n;;

Also I stream whenever I can over here (I tried for daily but school is having none of that) and archive my streams here 

I decided to quit the let's player thing since I wasn't so great at it, but streaming has been lots of fun and I can draw animate AND play games Live with no big hurry or constantly watching how long the video is.

I updated my growth of an artist playlist, and coupled with all the art posts here, I think it's an impressive improvement, I went from shitty vector traces to decent painterly artwork in only 4 years!

I'm still waiting on my partner Quinton to finish writing scripts for our Search For Avon series, but he's lazy as fuck and hasn't shown me shit so I have a feeeling he hasn't even worked on them smh I do hope to start and eventually complete the series though, it'll be my life's work. until then I'd love to do inbetweens and such for anyone that needs em, assuming you aren't a kid who drew an incoherent scribble of a storyboard and expect me to do the rest alone lol

I think 2015 will be my most active year, (...or ironically least active!) as I am far more confident in sharing my work now, there was a time when i was embarassed to even say I drew at all, but that's in the past now.


Until my next post, ~Kitsy