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Finally, this meme brings something absolutely amazing

Pretty good! man I haven't hurt some of those sound effects since the classic youtube poop days.

Nice Story! I learned japanese through playing games as well. I did some reading about how to pronounce japanese, and how to write kanji i don't know, and I was able to start learning very rapidly through replaying games from my childhood in Japanese, and it's a blast.

olbengc responds:


Thats actually quite impressive, at least with english i could recognize the letters used (same alphabet), with japanese i could only see a bunch of symbols. Thats why i never understood how my friend could finish japanese rpgs.

Can i ask how old were you when u learned japanese?

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Nice little toy, very well done, though it feels like I could download this with Unity by default for testing purposes.

Your Loading bar is broken, and your hit detection doesn't work at all, making the game unplayable. bug test your game before posting again.

TrasherMiKki responds:

It works, file size is 7mb so it takes some time.

Next time you make a game, let the player have reaction time.

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Bloody Tears is always awesome

EliteFerrex responds:

Thank you. I'm considering doing other Castlevania I-III tracks, too!

ooo neato! felt a bit short though, like it wanted to go longer

Frequality responds:

Oh yeah! Thank you for the comment! <3 It sure is getting longer! >:D I hope you will like the new version more then!

I like it! reminds of an RPG soundtrack during an emotional heroic scene or something.

Frequality responds:

Hey! Nice to see you around fluff! :D <3 Because of your comment, I will remake the track into a RPG emotional heroic theme! ^^

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You should work on your anatomy.

AcidX responds:

Yep. That's what this is...and I assure you any weird exaggerated curves here are entirely deliberate.

Your color and detail is all fantastic! but that pose looks very uncomforable and he'd probably fall over even trying to stand like that. Keep in mind the weight of your character so you can pose them better.

NullBoss responds:

Thank you! I used a real reference for the character for this piece, I suspected myself it didn't look quite right. So you hit the nail on the head there, thanks for the comment!

the overall piece is pretty nice, but I think the smaller detail work could have been cleaner, those tattoos are wobbly as all hell

I'm that animator, I used to do let's plays and streams! 2018's new profiles look cool

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