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Pretty good! i felt some of the shots were timed strangely so not a perfect score the hold on the girl blasted with the shotgun held a bit too long, i think. I also think maybe some of the shots would have benefited from some more interesting lighting. that scene in the dark room looked awesome, i think some more moody lighting like that would have helped a lot. maybe even some colored lights? anyway, you did great and I hope to see more!

Finally, this meme brings something absolutely amazing

Pretty good! man I haven't hurt some of those sound effects since the classic youtube poop days.

Nice Story! I learned japanese through playing games as well. I did some reading about how to pronounce japanese, and how to write kanji i don't know, and I was able to start learning very rapidly through replaying games from my childhood in Japanese, and it's a blast.

olbengc responds:


Thats actually quite impressive, at least with english i could recognize the letters used (same alphabet), with japanese i could only see a bunch of symbols. Thats why i never understood how my friend could finish japanese rpgs.

Can i ask how old were you when u learned japanese?

Oh man! i wish I'd known about this collab, I would have loved to participate!

These were some great jojokes ahaha

Thoroughly enjoyable.

I'm not sure what that was, but it was pretty well made.

NightSoil responds:

Haha! Thanks!

I was expecting one the crappy pasta animations, but this was surprisingly good. your animation started improving a bit as it went along. It's very good!

LlamaArts responds:

Thanks. I may do a creepy pasta animation in the future!

woah I caught one of your animations in the judgement portal! great work as always dude!

TerminalMontage responds:


This type of content belongs on Youtube, not Newgrounds.

ToonymanStudios responds:

It is on Youtube! but no body is watching! I had more eyes on 1 video of them here than on any videos on youtube and they been there longer! which means this is the perfect place or should I say the perfect grounds for it. Youtube is not a good place for Artist! it can be use as anchor at times but it's not the best place for things like this! you can compare my views I get from here with the ones on youtube which been there longer! and then tell me how this would belong on youtube!

here My youtube channel! check date and views and compare My theory and tell me if i,m wrong or right.

Thanks please! Subscribe for more Toony craze!

I'm that animator, I used to do let's plays and streams! 2018's new profiles look cool

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